Frequently asked Questions – Holiday Makers

How can you be 10% cheaper than Owners Direct and 60% cheaper than tripadvisor’s Holidaylettings .com?

Because we do not charge holidaymakers any kind of booking / service fee and we only charge holiday-home owners a one off annual subscription with no percentage charge of each booking and certainly no hidden costs.

How do I know I will be dealing with the owner direct?

Because unlike other companies in this sector we only list real owners’ properties and will not allow other companies /agents properties to overload our web-site with thousands of properties allegedly being cared for by the owner, when they are not.
Some of our owners will have appointed a Property Manager however to look after their property but these Property Managers will only be one step removed from the real owner and will not be managing the property having had it handed on and on by third parties to them.

How can we be sure that the most suitable properties for our search criteria are at the top of the search results?

Because we do not allow owners to pay extra money to take premium places. Everyone pays the same and the search criteria is based solely on fairness in terms of location and qualitative dimensions; not who pays the most money.  

How can we be sure that the owner receives our payments and that scammers do not intercept our payments?

Because we advise you not to use emails to communicate payment instructions. We give you a specific individual phone number to call the owner direct to take payment instructions and make payments.

What happens if we follow your instructions to the letter and scammers find a way around your system to steal our money?

If you have meticulously followed the specific methodology we detail in our terms and conditions with the holiday-home owners, then we will fund 100% of your losses. The onus will be on you however to prove that you have followed these instructions to the letter and we will demand hard evidence in support of any claim.

How do I make changes to my booking?

You must contact the owner for any and every aspect of your booking on the unique telephone number we provide to you.

What happens if there are any issues with my booking such as the owner double books the property or they forget we have booked and paid?

You would take this up with the owner as your booking contract is with them. You should certainly be entitled to claim your money back from them and make a case for compensation against them, if you can prove that they have been negligent.

Who is my contract with for the holiday booking?

The contract you have is with the holiday-home owner and not Simply Owners Ltd. As such, every aspect of your holiday booking should be discussed with the holiday-home owner. You should take care to read and agree the terms and conditions of the booking provided by the holiday-home owner. For the avoidance of doubt, you have no contract whatsoever with Simply Owners Ltd.

What happens if we are not happy with the property in terms of cleanliness, reclaiming my security bond, the local amenities or matching the description in any way etc?

You have to take that up with the owner. We simply advertise the property and give you direct contact with the owner to determine whether you believe it is right for you. It is critical that you plan and list all the questions you wish to ask the owner in readiness for your call to them. You will have an opportunity to inform us of your disappointment with the holiday-home through our comprehensive review and evaluation procedures. We have reserved the right in our terms and conditions with the holiday-home owners to remove anyone from our web-site who we believe fall short of the service they are promising to holidaymakers.

Do I need to bring my own bed linen and towels, supply my own food, pay for gas and electric or pay local taxes?

Again, all questions such as these should be taken up with the holiday-home owner as they will be very specific to that individual property and Simply Owners are only providing advertising space for holiday-home owners on a web-site.

When do I have to pay the balance on the booking?

Every aspect of the booking is controlled and negotiated with the owners and must be determined with them when you telephone them on the unique phone number that we provide for you.

How do I find out more information about the property/my holiday?

Every aspect of the booking is controlled and negotiated with the owners and must be determined with them when you telephone them on the unique phone number that we provide for you. Holiday-home owners are encouraged to provide as much information as possible in the property details section in the advert on our web site. If you have any further or specific questions about a property or the details of your holiday you should contact the owner direct on the unique telephone number that we provide for you.

Do I need to check any documentation for the property before I book?

Simply Owners will have undertaken quite rigorous checks to ensure that the property exists and it is the real owners that are advertising it on our site. We also have a free Payment Protection scheme to ensure that you are covered against being scammed in this way. We are confident therefore that you do not need to investigate this dimension. Some countries however require owners to buy licences to be able to rent out their properties in an official capacity and we do not check this as we only provide advertising space for the owners and do not act as a renter in any way to the holidaymaker. You make wish to check if the country you are visiting make this imposition on rental owners and that they have bought the respective licence.

How do I cancel my booking?

You will need to contact the owner on the unique telephone number we provide to you. They will have given you specific details of their cancellation policy and will help you to clarify any points in the event that you need to cancel your booking. Simply Owners are not involved in any way, from start to finish of booking your holiday.

What should I do if I can’t contact the owner?

You should try by phone and email in the first instance. After 3 or 4 days of no reply you should contact us and we will try to contact them on your behalf. If you are due to arrive at your destination within 24hours contact us immediately and we will try to get in contact with them for you. We will also keep the situation closely monitored to ensure that you have continuous support for your holiday.

How are prices quoted eg, for the whole property, per person, per night etc?

Most owners quote prices for the whole of the property, however, some will quote per person.  All prices should be clearly stated on the property details page by the owners.  If the property is a catered property, prices are usually shown per person per night. But again, you should call the owner direct on the unique number we provide for you and be very clear on what the arrangements are, before you pay.

How do I know information published in an advert is accurate and up to date?

We advise each individual holiday-home owner that it is their responsibility to ensure that the information they publish is kept accurate and up to date.  We advise holidaymakers to make their own checks by telephoning the owner direct to confirm that a property is as described before booking and paying.

How do I spot any fraudulent behavior?

'Phishing' is the most common practice of scammers ‘sending emails that appear to be from a trustworthy source’. They attempt to obtain information on logins/passwords/bank details etc. Treat an email suspicious if: the sender tries to get you to use a different email to the one they have registered with us at Simply Owners. the sender attempts to get sensitive information from you via email, such as; payment details, passwords, logins etc. you are encouraged to click on links taking you away from the main site.

What should I do if I believe I am experiencing fraudulent behaviour?

First of all, check the email address on the enquiry. We’ll only ever contact you from email addresses that end in: Secondly, contact the owner direct on the unique telephone number that you were given by us. Discuss the matter with them and if you both believe there to be an issue please contact us immediately and we will refer it to the respective investigative teams and subsequently to the police.

You must discuss any issues such as this and reach a definitive agreement with the holiday-home owner before you complete your booking with them and make any payment.

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