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Terms and Conditions - Holidaymakers Payment Protection Against Financial Scamming.

These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the main Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy detailed on this web-site. If you do not agree to any aspect of these Terms and Conditions then you have no right to apply for reimbursement under this Policy.

We may revise this Policy at any time and in our sole discretion by amending the applicable web page on the Website or by publishing notices elsewhere on the Website.

As stated we are an advertising service for Advertisers and an Accommodation Search Facility for Holidaymakers. We do not own, nor have we inspected, nor do we have any control whatsoever over any property listed on our site and we make no representations or warranties regarding any of the properties. We do not have any contractual arrangement whatsoever with the holidaymaker, as their contract is solely with the holiday-home owner / Advertiser.

It is recognized, however, that there are two main dimensions where holidaymakers have been scammed out of their holiday booking payment on other sites. As such we are providing this reimbursement policy to reassure Holidaymakers. They will be reimbursed 100% of their holiday booking payment if they can prove that they have meticulously followed our specified procedures (detailed on this web-site) relating to making payments and are subsequently scammed out of their holiday booking payment. (subject to a limit of £2000)

We are limiting our responsibility and liability to the two detailed and specific situations (detailed below and in our Advice to Holidaymakers on our web-site) under our Holidaymakers Reimbursement Policy against financial scamming of their holiday booking payment.

Simply Owners Ltd have taken every precaution possible to protect against holidaymakers being scammed out of their holiday booking payment. We really care about the experience that holidaymakers have and in the extreme event that someone manages to scam them out of their holiday booking payment, having meticulously followed our specific procedures, we want to recompense them as detailed here and take care of them.

We have therefore incorporated a provision into our service whereby we will compensate any holidaymaker scammed out of their payment, who has meticulously followed our advice.

Again, it is repeated here for good order that this provision relates solely to the two main dimensions of the Holidaymakers activity, which have been identified in the past on other sites as problematic.

Firstly, there is the situation where someone manages to list a property on our site that does not exist in any way shape or form as a rental property. We take extreme measures to vet property owners and ensure that our site does not become corrupt with any such property. In the very unlikely event that someone operates illegally and manages to scam a ‘spoof’ holiday home onto our web-site that does not exist, then naturally we want to recompense the holidaymaker for the payment that they have lost to a scammer and will give the issue our most urgent attention. (Subject to a limit of £2000)

Clearly, and for the avoidance of doubt, this solely relates to spoof accommodation or spoof companies and does not relate to any other circumstance whatsoever including but not limited to; double booking, cancellations by owner, inappropriate accommodation or any other situation arising.

Secondly, there is a situation where Holidaymakers and Holiday-home owners discuss matters via email. At some point scammers hi-jack the email of the holiday-home owner and continue discussions with the holidaymaker purporting to be the Holiday-home owner. The scammer then asks via email or phone for payment into their account and the holidaymaker unwittingly pays the scammer in stead of the Holiday-home owner.

Again, on other sites, a significant number of Holiday-home owners have not received their payment and the Holidaymaker has been scammed out of their money as a result of this email ‘phishing’.

We have identified a meticulous and specific procedure for which both Holidaymakers and Holiday-home owners MUST follow to avoid being a victim of such email/internet fraud and be eligible to apply for reimbursement in the highly unlikely event that they are subsequently scammed out of a holiday booking payment.

Where Holidaymakers and Holiday-home owners have meticulously followed our very tight procedures and are subsequently scammed out of their payment, the Holidaymaker will be recompensed to the value of their scammed holiday booking payment. (Subject to a limit of £2000)

The specific procedures FOR HOLIDAYMAKERS AND HOLIDAY-HOME OWNERS referred to in these Terms and Conditions for payment protection are very clearly detailed in the RESPECTIVE sectionS headed Holidaymaker Advice AND HOLIDAY-HOMEOWNER ADVICE.

For the avoidance of doubt this payment protection provision for Holidaymakers does not cover any other eventuality than the two specific situations identified above. Futher, whilst we checkout our owners, properties and companies advertising on our site we cannot legislate for any owners selling their properties or companies going out of business.

In order to make a case for being recompensed for a scammed payment the onus will be on the Holidaymaker to provide the evidence that Simply Owners Ltd require. Such evidence will vary according to each individual situation and circumstance.

In any event the holidaymaker must be in possession of a Simply Owners Payment Protection Certificate provided by the property owner at the precise time of entering the booking onto the Simply Owners Calendar and show on the respective property calendar as a booking.

Ultimately it will be at Simply Owners Ltd.’s sole discretion as to whether a claim is valid and is recompensed. A classic example of where a claim would be automatically dismissed would be where there was a close personal connection with the Owner, for example, you are friends or members of the same family. A further example of automatic dismissal of a claim would be where you make payments after we notify you that the Rental is fraudulent or has been removed from the Website. These are just two examples of automatic dismissal of claims and in no way represent a comprehensive list of exclusions of claim dismissals.

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