We considered some of the main principles upon which we wished to build this company. These were largely influenced by the failings of the other providers in this sector and included:
Direct Contact

The main concern of the holiday-home owners appeared to be that they had lost the direct contact that they had previously enjoyed with the holidaymakers when things were working well.
Simply Owners was established to put back that direct contact between holiday-home owners and holidaymakers leaving every aspect of the booking between the two parties to themselves.

Many companies in this sector are continuously searching for ways to generate more revenue. For example, introducing booking fees, premium listings, monthly packages, platinum/gold levels of service, last minute deals, special offers, insurances and add-ons such as car-hire, allowing other companies and agencies to flood their database with thousands of properties, etc. Weightings are often applied to search criteria enabling charges to be made to holiday-home owners to get their properties to the top of the holidaymakers search list.
Simply Owners wants to treat all holiday-home owners and holiday-makers in an equal and fair way. No attempts will be made to introduce fancy schemes to raise revenue, secondary sales or add-ons etc. Nor, will we ever attempt to charge holidaymakers a booking or service fee. A simple transparent one off annual subscription of £299 including VAT will be charged equally to all holiday-home owners. Weightings will only ever be fairly applied to search criteria that reflects quality and efficiency for holidaymakers with no influence by applying costs/charges. Thus we will create an inherent striving by holiday-home owners to provide a quality service to holidaymakers to feed into the review process which in turn will influence ‘positioning’ in the search criteria results lists. A self fulfilling prophecy.
Value for money

Accounts on the internet illustrate the massive profits that the controlling organisations have made resulting from the monopoly hold that they have on this sector. The year on year increases in profit continue to push the price of the holiday up for the holidaymaker and eat away at the return on the capital investment made by the holiday-home owners. This obviously reduces the value for money to both the holidaymaker and the holiday-home owner.
Simply Owners has carefully calculated its one off annual fee of £299 including VAT to ensure that sufficient revenues are generated to invest in the advertisements necessary to compete with the current monopoly companies to attract holidaymakers. Further, remaining significantly cheaper than those larger companies. Similarly, by not charging the holidaymakers a booking fee (a 10% - 60% addition with some companies) the holidaymakers also get value for money.
Transparency and Openness

There appears to be very little transparency with the large monopoly providers in this market. Very few mechanisms are in place with the big companies to genuinely consult customers and seek feedback on the service level provision. Where customers in large numbers have attempted to influence service levels of provision it seems that they are totally ignored.
Simply Owners is building in mechanisms to consult its customers and engage in meaningful review, evaluation and feedback processes to ensure that its provision reflects the needs and wishes of its valued customers. In the unusual event we have to change some term or condition then we will treat our customers with respect giving full consultation and notification.
Simply Owners has also made a promise to peg our fees for 3 years from the date of subscription

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