Holiday Homeowner Advice

Tips and advice for holiday homeowners

Tips to help with your experience on Simply Owners.

Don’t Over Sell

Provide as much accurate information to the holidaymaker about your property, its location, and its contents on your listing. However, it is better in the long term to acknowledge, when necessary, that your property may not be suitable for a particular holidaymaker. If you take a booking knowing it is not a suitable fit, your guests will not only have a less than desirable experience but there is potential that they may leave a negative review.

Don’t Under Sell

Make sure your property listing includes as much information about your property as possible and answers all potential holidaymaker questions. Make sure your photos are well lit and are a suitable resolution/size. Below is a list of suggestions that you could include in your description to help holidaymakers:

  • Distance from airport
  • Check-in and out times
  • Minimum stay requirements
  • Extra COVID-19 cleaning and sanitisation measures
  • Pull out any impressive selling points e.g., proximity to beach, local attractions.
  • What deposits are required and when payments need to be made
  • How they get their deposit back
Complying with legislation in terms of rental licences

Some countries and regions have legislation specifically relating to holiday rental properties and this is subject to change. It is important that you identify exactly what is needed by way of licences in your location and continually review such legal responsibilities to ensure that you are operating within your area’s legal framework. You can include any license numbers on your listing to give holidaymaker confidence that you are a legitimate owner.

Protecting your login details

When logging into Simply Owners you must ensure the address in full is:
and that your browser indicates that you have a secure connection, normally by means of a padlock icon. You should not enter your Simply Owners login details into any other address.

Payment protection for your holidaymakers

Simply Owners guarantees 100% payment protection for your holidaymakers at no extra cost, providing that the prescribed method of making payments has been followed carefully and precisely, by both the holiday homeowner and the holidaymaker. (For more detailed terms see Terms and Conditions.) Don't allow scammers to phish or hack your emails to redirect your payments to their accounts. Only use emails to receive general enquiries and send general information. Only give instructions and details on payment methods during the receipt of a phone call from the holidaymaker on the unique phone number you provided to Simply Owners Never make the call to a holidaymaker to discuss payments! Your phone number is unique to you and this method protects both you the holiday-home owner and the holidaymaker. Protect your phone from abuse and never allow any unauthorized person to use it to deal with payments from holidaymakers. Always take payments on a recognized credit/debit card, bank transfer or via an organization such as Paypal.

For our payment protection certificate to be valid for your holidaymaker you must issue it at the time of entering the booking into your calendar and be in compliance with all of our terms and conditions.

Sale of property

The holidaymaker’s contract is with you the owner and they have agreed to renting your property based on the advert you created, and they viewed at the time of booking. Further, the discussions and verbal and written agreements made with you and this agreement made on the basis that you will be the owner when their holiday takes place. They have made this contract in good faith that you will not sell the property to a new owner who may have a slightly different approach to managing a holiday rental. To mitigate any legal claims against you for a breach of contract therefore you should not put your property up for sale without advance notice to any affected holidaymakers informing them that you are doing so and providing them with two options:

  1. You will contractually obligate the new owner to honouring the bookings and associated terms and conditions and therefore the holidaymaker can choose to continue with the holiday.
  2. Your holidaymakers can opt for a refund in full

You should reassure them that you are contractually obligated by Simply Owners to bind the new owner into honouring their booking or alternatively they can opt for a refund in full. By advanced notification in this way and providing the option of continuing with the booking that has been made contractually binding on a new owner or giving the option of a refund in full, you mitigate any legal recourse. Please note if an owner sells their property and does not protect their holidaymakers in this way, we will put all our weight behind supporting the holidaymakers in their legal claims against a rogue owner.

Important Note

Simply Owners only provide advertising space for holiday-home owners and connect potential holidaymakers with them directly. It does not vet any properties nor verify any comments or content entered in the advert by you, the holiday-home owner. It is you, the holiday-home owner, therefore that is solely responsible for the representations made in the advert placed with Simply Owners.

Also, as Simply Owners does not have any kind of contract with any holidaymaker, financial or otherwise, it cannot be considered a ‘renter’ and drawn into any form of rental agreements, licences or any form of contract with the holidaymaker or third party.