Our Owner Promise

What Simply Owners stands for

We have created an owner promise to make it clear what Simply Owners stands for

We will never:

  • Charge any form of booking fee or surcharge to holidaymakers
  • Change our sole objective of simply finding holiday homes for holidaymakers and holidaymakers for holiday home owners
  • Attempt to cross-sell insurance, car hire or other add-ons to holidaymakers
  • Allow any third-party sales and adverts via our web site
  • Incorporate variable rates, percentage-commissions or hidden costs
  • Sell out to any of the online travel agencies (OTAs) controlling the holiday rental market
  • Over populate areas, simply to take listing fees or allow other companies/agents to load their thousands of properties into our website, just for money

We will always:

  • Be the most cost effective solution, above any other reasonably comparative competitor in this sector
  • Give holidaymakers the confidence to book your holiday properties via Simply Owners, by giving holidaymakers free 100% payment protection
  • Remain focussed on providing the service that you want from us
  • Secure the optimum exposure for your holiday rental properties

We peg our fees for 3 years from the date of subscription and most importantly try our best for you and value you as our customer

Contact us for a free property illustration

  • Provide details of your holiday rental
  • We create a draft template of your property
  • Once you're satisfied and all your questions are answered, you will complete our verification process
  • Pay £298.80 per annum fee
  • Get exposure to millions of holiday makers

Call: 01623 343 343
Email: enquiries@simplyowners.net