Holiday Cottages Mullion, Cornwall

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Holiday Cottages Mullion, Cornwall

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A Little Bit About Mullion, United Kingdom
Mullion village has one foot securely anchored in the gentle and relaxed living of the 1950s and the other firmly placed in the comforts and facilities of the 21st Century.
Coupled with a superb location within walking distance of the West Cornwall coastal path and beaches, yet sufficiently central to explore a peninsular full of interest and adventures of discovery-this is the place to be, as long as possible and as often as possible to explore and enjoy:
• Sandy beaches, coves, and caves
• Wooded walks or continuous cliff top scenery
• Hidden rivers for walking or boating
• Sites for spotting Rare plants and bird watching
• Poldark era country houses
• Underground mines,
• minerals and geology, Cornish soapstone and serpentine
• Castles, living homes and ruins
• Ancient henges and monoliths
• Exotic gardens (with discreet cafes)
Great restaurants serving locally grown or caught
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